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307230_236520563063673_1150014294_ntriBased in Southern Germany I’m a sports photographer with more than two decades of experience in professional photography. I cover major events worldwide from Ironman races including Ironman Worldchampionship Hawaii, Swimming Championships to Ski Marathons and Cross Country Skiing and Ski Jumping Worldcups.
My work has been used for covers, spread pages and photo series in the largest magazines of the triathlon sports like LAVA, triathlon, Triathlete. Triathlon LUMINA and 220 Triathlon, resulting in nearly 50 magazine covers in the last 5 years in international publications.

Working for both editorial and corporate clients I take assignments for photo shoots for books, magazine covers and advertising including special requests like underwater photography. In 2012 “TRI”, a illustrated book about my triathlon photography was published.  My portfolio is is not limited to sport however and other aspects of my work vary from portrait to wedding photography.